Protect yourself from tax scams

If there’s an issue filing your taxes, make sure you filed correctly and included the right forms.  But also be aware of scammers—Tax scams can happen any time of year. They may come as emails, text messages, or phone calls. They pretend to be and can look like they’re from the IRS, a tax company, a bill … Read more

Health coverage exemptions, forms & how to apply

You no longer pay a tax penalty (fee) for not having health coverage. If you don’t have coverage, you don’t need an exemption to avoid paying a penalty at tax time. You need an exemption if you’re 30 or older and want to enroll in a “Catastrophic” health plan. A Catastrophic health plan offers lower-priced coverage … Read more

How Crypto Coin Sales Are Rebounding After ICO Bubble Collapse

Shoshanna Delventhal is an expert in equities investing with 3+ years of experience as a business, finance, and markets reporter. Shoshanna received her bachelor’s from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—double majoring in economics and international relations. Cryptocurrency investors are raising a fast-growing volume of money by using a new vehicle called Initial Exchange … Read more

How to Buy SafeMoon Crypto

SafeMoon was designed to reward long-term holders and charges sellers a 10% fee, with part of that fee going back to existing holders.1 First launched on the Build and Build (BNB) chain in March 2021, SafeMoon can now be bought on some exchanges such as Pancakeswap. Though some may claim SafeMoon is resistant to manipulation, others … Read more

How to Buy Metaverse Crypto

Metaverse crypto tokens have emerged as a new sub-asset class within the crypto markets, attracting investors who want to get in early on what could turn out to become the next iteration of the internet. Early-stage versions of the metaverse, such as Decentraland and Sandbox, are powered by cryptocurrencies that act as currencies in these … Read more

How much could the brokerage market be worth within 10 years?

In a new report spearheaded by Allied Market Research, the international rokerage market is expected to hit $628.3 billion by 2032 and will see North America remain in place as the biggest market globally, with Asia-Pacific surpassing by the end of the forecast. Rohit Bhamburkar, Allied Market Research’s research analyst said that this rise in revenue … Read more